About us

We’re glad you’ve taken a moment to get to know us. Greg and I met in the first grade in our rural midwestern community. High school sweethearts, we were married our junior summer of college. We’ve been together for 26 years and have been blessed with a family of three amazing kids that we’ve begun to launch from our nest here in the foothills of Colorado. Both of us were raised in Christian homes and have been a part of the Church since birth. Would you agree these are the makings of a good life? While we are grateful for the advantages that some of these beginnings afforded us, our journey into authentic faith has taken some twists and turns that haven’t been quite so charming.

After over 20 years in very a demanding career (Greg), some of the ups and downs of child rearing, and the general wear and tear of life and its inevitable challenges, we began to feel a disconnection between our spiritual life and our “real” life, among other issues. We questioned, “Were we really experiencing all that Christ intended for us, or had we missed something significant about how this Christian life was supposed to work?” Some might say that what we were experiencing was an early mid-life crisis, but the disillusionment and disfunction it was creating, led to a sense of urgency that we needed to seek help. Until that time we had not been familiar with the term, discipleship counseling, and to some extent, probably even viewed counseling with a degree of skepticism.

The short story is that seeking guidance from a discipleship counselor was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Much to our surprise, we determined that years of accumulating knowledge about the Christian life, was not leading to genuine transformation. The trajectory of our life and family began to be radically altered. So much so, that the so-called American Dream began losing its appeal to us. This led to a decision to leave Greg’s former career and enter into discipling ministry in order to help others experience the reality of spiritual transformation, success in overcoming besetting problems and relational difficulties and ultimately, have an encounter with Christ as Life!

We are concerned about the deteriorating culture and its devastating effects on marriage and the family. We suspect that in the current era, we may be losing touch with the simplicity and power of the Gospel of Grace that has a profound ability to restore lives and impact generations. We seek to establish or reestablish people in the timeless truths that result in the experience of abundant life.

Greg & Angie Balman

The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy. I came that you may have life and have it abundantly. John 10:10