TruLife Ministries Discipleship Method

Emphasizing the believer’s union with Christ and the finished work of the cross, TruLife Ministries seeks to help people discover how to integrate Gospel truths into the realities of everyday life, realities that sometimes include problems such as burn out, addictions, marital or relational difficulties and stress disorders.

Our approach is based on the the premise that it was never intended that we live in our own sufficiency, but in Christ’s sufficiency. For this reason, TruLife’s philosophy is not centered on changing a person’s life through behavior modification, but exchanging a self-sufficient life for a Christ-centered life.

Our discipleship staff provides Biblically-based, client-focused services to individuals seeking help. TruLife Ministries discipleship encourages hurting people to a spiritual insight regarding who they really are “in Christ.” Individuals are dealt with in an atmosphere of love, understanding, prayer and dependence on the Holy Spirit as the ultimate counselor.

While our services are typically offered in person, we are also able to offer sessions to individuals living at a distance through the use of technology. We are happy to partner with small groups and ministry teams, parents, youth workers, clinical counselors, pastors and churches to provide soul care.

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